Volunteer and Fundraising 

Please visit the Volunteer page to review the two fundraising activities sponsored by the Booster Club.

Your involvement is very important to the success of this Booster Club.

2019 Season Reminder

Check out the calendar for updated practice and game times.

Please refer to the Gym Schedule when we are unable to practice outside. 

Gym Schedule

If we are unable to practice outside due to weather, we will be practicing in the gym.  Please refer to the Gym Schedule for our assigned time.

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Mouthguard's are Mandated by the MSHSL and must be worn.  If your player does not have one go buy one.  They must be fully inserted in the mouth and cannot be worn in the corner of your mouth.  It is a penalty during the game if not worn properly.



For full game results, team statistics and standings please visit www.MNLAXHUB.com

No practice Friday, April 19th.

Please check back often for updates. Also, please give us feedback on all subjects that concern this board.

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Kowalski's Grocery Bagging 

Reminder - Grocery bagging is this weekend, Saturday, April 20th.

Players that signed up players should arrive show 5 minutes early for their shift and wear their Tartan Lacrosse Team Wear (or something with the Tartan logo on it). 

There will be no food, drink or phones during their shift.Dress for the weather and please remember, players are representing Tartan and they need to dress and act accordingly. 

Coaches will be notified if players do not show up for their shift. If they cannot make their shift, please text Tina at 763-301-0829.