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Fundraising in 2020 - CANCELLEd DUE to COIVD-19

Kowalski's grocery bagging will take place on Saturday, April 11th. 

10am - 12pm shift:  Mohrland, M Cashin, S Cashin, Greiskalns, Lund, Wobse, Tacheny, Launderville
12pm - 2pm Shift: Culshaw-Klein, Huyhn, Milan, Ashton, Schwinghammer, Flom, Putzier, Young 
2pm - 4pm  Shift: Spannbauer, Duggan, Tuccitto, Tvedt, Resch, Buche, Laska, Joyce


​Heggie's Pizzas (our biggest fundraiser, your help is needed!!!!)
Each Player should set a goal to sell 25 pizzas!!​

Order Form 

Forms Due: Saturday, April 11th, noon to 1pm, Oakdale Cub parking lot

Pick-up: TBD (delayed due to COVID-19)


Volunteering Opportunities 2020

Senior Night: Wednesday, May 13th


Helpers: N Tacheny, J Milan, K Schwinghammer


Year End Banquet: Tuesday, June 2nd

Lead: N Tacheny

Helpers: J Milan, K Culshaw, N & M Launderville